June 21, 2017
Lucavsala, Riga


Promoter: SIA BDG Concerts

General Terms and Conditions:

  1. It is presumed, when purchasing Tickets and/or entering or trying to enter the territory of the event, the Visitor is acquainted with these terms and conditions and undertakes to observe them, as well as the laws of the Republic of Latvia. 
  2. Photo or video shooting can be performed by the promotion company, or by persons authorized by the promotion company during the event. When purchasing an event ticket, and/or visiting the concert venue, the Visitor agrees that a picture or video of him or her could be taken, as well as his/her image could be used in movies, pictures, and/or audiovisual recordings, all rights connected with these materials and rights to use them belong to the Organizer or properly authorized third party. The Organizer, or properly authorized third party, can use such material at its own sole discretion all over the world in any medias for advertising purposes, or for other purposes, including commercial purposes, e.g. DVD issue, without any additional remuneration or compensation to the Attender of the event.
  3. Any commercial activities on the event territory without previous written consent from the Organizer is prohibited.
  4. Only persons who have valid tickets will be able to enter the event. A Visitor shall carry his or her ticket throughout the whole period of attending the event. An inability to show the ticket is a valid reason for the exclusion of the Visitor from the event venue.
  5. A Visitor’s ticket can be found invalid if damaged, altered, or defaced. When the stub of the physical ticket is altered, it becomes invalid.
  6. The Organizer can refuse attendance to the event venue if there is a reason to believe that the presented tickets were purchased from unauthorized ticket sellers or other prohibited sources, or if the tickets were copied or duplicated in some other way.
  7. The inspection of personal belongings is a precondition for entering the event venue, it is  performed to ensure the visitors' safety during their stay at the event venue. Persons perfomring this duty are entitled to inspect clothes, bags and their content, as well as additional items at the  discretion of the Organizer, both before entrance to the event venue and when leaving it.
  8. The Organizer could refuse entrance to the event venue, if the Organizer believes that the Visitor is under the excessive influence of alcohol, or could reach an excessive level of intoxication.
  9. Repeated entrance to the event territory with a previously used ticket or invitation is strictly prohibited.
  10. Visitors can be prohibited from entrance to the event venue, or a visitor can be removed from the event without any compensation, if the visitor refuses to leave objects, mentioned in clause 11, outside the event territory, or a visitor refuses the inspection of personal belongings, or if the visitor’s behaviour, according to reasoned Organizers’ view:
    10.1. poses a risk to the health and safety of him/herself and other visitors;
    10.2. affects the rights of other visitors to enjoy the event;
    10.3. affects the continuation of the event;
    10.4. may damage or damages the property of the event venue or the Organizer;
    10.5. violates legal provisions;
    10.6. breaches these Regulations or other regulations which must be followed during the event.
  11. It is prohibited to take the following items into the event: 
    11.1. all weapons and means of self-protection;
    11.2. smoke candles, or any products that simulate explosions and/or pyrotechnics;
    11.3. flammable, poisonous, toxic, and highly-odorous substances;
    11.4. flammable objects or substances; 
    11.5. umbrellas;
    11.6. radioactive substances;
    11.7. psychotropic and narcotic substances;
    11.8. professional photographic and video equipment (with removable lenses);
    11.9. laser devices;
    11.10. large objects or bags (volume over 5 litres);
    11.11. all types of drinks and food (regardless of package);
    11.12. flying objects (radio guided drones, etc.);
    11.13. any other item which, based on the opinion of the Organizer, may pose a danger or nuisance to other visitors, or the event.
  12. Despite the restrictions prescribed by clause 11, the Organizer can provide additional restrictions regarding safety requirements, or at the request of the representatives of the event artist.
  13. It is prohibited to use symbols and/or banners, recitation, exclamation or gestures, raising social, racial, religious, national, or international hatred, or proclaiming social, racial, religious, national, and international superiority.
  14. It is prohibited to block the movement of visitors and participants, climb the retaining walls, railings, lighting facilities, and/or supporting structures.
  15. It is prohibited to perform any political activities during the event.
  16. At the event territory, it is prohibited to wear clothing items, other objects, or participate in types of behaviour which cover the face of an event visitor.
  17. Visitors should note that in accordance with current legislation, a minor who has not yet reached the age of 16 must not be in a public place un accompanied by a parent, guardian, foster parent, or a manager of a childcare facility or other authorised adults who can accompany the minor through the night (from 22:00 to 06:00).
  18. The Organizer shall not be responsible for the quality of food, drinks, and/or other goods  sold, or services provided on the event territory. The seller of food, drinks, and other goods, or provider of particular services on the event territory, shall bear full responsibility for them.
  19. The Organizer reserves the right to change the event schedule or the performance order, if more than one group or artist is participating in the event.
  20. The visitor is aware that loudspeaker installations used in the event could cause an additional impact on the visitor’s hearing, as well as lighting installations with strobe effect which could be used during the event.
  21. Leaving prohibited objects, or any other objects, for storage to the event support staff or persons maintaining order is not provided. 
  1. Visitors must:
    Obey these Regulations.
    22.2. In the case of evacuation, notification or the appeal to evacuate, visitors shall leave the event venue using the nearest evacuation route, observing the indications or instructions from the persons maintaining order.
    22.3. Immediately inform the Organizer or persons maintaining order of any spotted suspicious objects, indications of fire and/or fumigation, violations of the law, and other dangers.
    22.4. Visitors are responsible for their property during their stay at the event venue. The Organizer bears no responsibility for property which was lost, stolen or damaged during the event. The Visitor, him or herself, is fully responsible for any objects left in front of the entrance/exit or with the persons maintaining order.
    22.5. It is prohibited to bring animals to the events.