The name of today's classical music composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi is praised worldwide - his deeply touching and emotional compositions have enriched countless cinematic masterpieces. Einaudi’s ability to fuse traditional ideas of music genres with minimalism and contemporary pop has earned him a reputation of being a trully rare talent in the world of contemporary classical music. Next year Einaudi is going on a European tour and one of the stops will be Arena Riga amphitheater, where the great musician will perform on April 9. General sale of the tickets at Biļešu Serviss starts on November 30 and the prices will be starting at 49 €.

Still unchallenged is Einaudi’s 2015 album Elements since it is the first classical music album in 23 years that dominated popular music charts, however the academically-trained musician has been producing brilliant compositions already since the late eighties, including soundtracks for such acclaimed movies as Black Swan by Darren Aronofsky and popular TV shows such as Doctor Zhivago and Stargate Universs; he has also created music for ads and, of course, has released original music albums, already twenty two in total. Just a year ago the world was touched by the Greenpeace’s campaign video that showed Einaudi playing piano on the background of melting Arctic icebergs. Noticeably love from listeners is not Einaudi's only accomplishment - Einaudi has also been nominated for an Oscar for the movie Fuori del mondo and has received the prestigious Echo Klassik Award, as well as other influential awards.

The musically intellectual environment in which he spent his childhood has quite naturally determined Einaudi's interest in the world of music - after graduating from Milan Conservatoire, Einaudi focused on creating his own sound, combining elements of classical music with variations of world music, at the same time breaking the boundaries between academic and popular music. The musician himself refuses to name the genre he represents - as he said in an interview for the The New York Times, "my music comes from my experience, my life ... but when I have written a composition, I can recognise when the inspiration has come from African music, when it is related to a rock album I love, or one of Bach’s or Stockhausen’s pieces”. In Einaudi's instrumental compositions sounds from all over the world can be heard and in the concerts he is not afraid even from the most contemporary expressions - the classical music passages are complemented with light electronic textures and experimental arrangements. Einaudi always plays with an accompanying band and the concert in Riga will not be an exception, allowing us to enjoy the contemporary side of the modern classical music.

The tickets for the concert of Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi are on sale starting from November 30 and can be purchased at Bilesu Serviss selling points and

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