This week, on June 1st, the Las Vegas supergroup Imagine Dragons will perform a grand open-air show in Mežaparks. The special guests at the concert are Mother Mother and Karin Ann. The last tickets are available at network. We invite visitors to get acquainted with the rules and recommendations of the concert, which can also be viewed on the website


  • The entrance to the concert venue in Mežaparks will be open on Wednesday, June 1st, at 17:00

  • The organizers of the concert ask the visitors to arrive on time, as it will take time to check the tickets and personal belongings at the entrances!

  • All tickets sold (including yellow paper tickets, which are protected against counterfeiting) are provided with a unique bar code. All tickets are unique, they have no analogs. All tickets (including yellow paper tickets) will be scanned at the entrance to Mežaparks Grand Stage.


Entrances to concert venue will be open at 17:00. There are two warm-up groups Karin Ann and Mother Mother for the concert. The first concert is scheduled to begin at 18:30, with Imagine Dragons ending at around 23:00.


  • The organizers of the concert invite visitors to go to Mežapars without using private vehicles, as car stops around Mežaparks are very limited.

  • It is most convenient to come to Mežaparks on foot or by public transport.

  • There will be no additional paid or free-of-charge bicycle parking at the concert area.

  • Before going to the concert venue, please check the map of the territory and find the nearest entrance to the concert.


  • Tram 11 in the direction “Ausekļa iela - Mežaparks”. The Mežaparks / ZOO stop is a 20-minute walk from the Mežaparks Grand Stage;

  • Bus 9 in the direction of “Abrenes iela - Mežaparks”. The Mežaparks / ZOO stop is a 25-minute walk from the Mežaparks Grand Stage;

  • Bus 48 in the direction “Pļavnieku kapi - Sarkandaugava”. The Mežaparks / ZOO stop is a 25-minute walk from the Mežaparks Grand Stage;

  • Passenger train on the routes "Riga - Skulte" and "Riga - Saulkrasti". The Mangaļi stop is a 30-minute walk from the Mežaparks Grand Stage.


  • Special parking places at the concert venue WILL NOT BE PROVIDED!

  • Please note that cars will not be allowed to stop or stand near the concert venue.

  • We invite you to use public transport or to go to the concert on foot. Due to a large number of visitors, car traffic and parking will be difficult.


  • Entrance to the concert area: 4., 5., 6., 7., 8. gate

  • VIP entrance in the concert area: 4., 5., 6. gate


  • Large bags;

  • Umbrellas;

  • Beverages and meals of all kinds (irrespective of packaging);

  • Professional photo and video equipment (with removable lens), selfie sticks, GoPro camera, etc .;

  • Accessories with sharp metal rivets and access to clothing that may cause injury to other concert attendees;

  • Weapons and self-defense devices of all kinds;

  • Animals;

  • Other items according to the concert rules, can be found at


  • Cash! Payment for food, drinks, souvenirs, etc. the concert will take place mostly in cash;

  • Raincoat;

  • Mobile phones, but as the mobile networks in the concert area may be congested and mobile communications may be interrupted, we invite you to arrange a meeting place with family members and friends in advance in case you lose each other;

  • If the weather is hot, bring a headgear and drink enough fluids to protect yourself from dehydration;

  • Due to the powerful sound and crowds, the concert organizers recommend not taking children with you. However, if you come to a concert with a child, please prepare a note with details mentioned further — the name and surname of the child and Your phone number. Please give the note to your child or put it in the pocket of your child's clothes before going to the concert. After 10 PM children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Imagine Dragons map